Meta Tags – Are they still necessary ?

While working on my last task (SEO optimization), I wanted to brush up on my knowledge.
So I did some research on what Meta Tags are and what the specs are. Way back then when I started working on and with Websites (1998) Metatags were all the buzz and everyone implemented them with the hopes of getting higher SE rankings. The success rate was not really predictable and definitely not based on the Meta Keyword Tag.
Then it became really quiet around the Meta Tag front and I, honestly stopped following the trends until today.
Now I came across this very interesting article dated Oct 1, 2002. 

Death Of A Meta Tag

Here the Author (Danny Sullivan – founder and editor of Search Engine Watch from June 1997 until November 2006)  says: That even in it’s heydays the meta keyword tag was only a handful of Search Engines (AltaVista, Infoseek, Inktomi, Hotbot, Lycos) supported this tag. Google NEVER implemented support for the tag at all. 
Supporting Engines dropped support for the keyword Meta Tag in the years 1997 – 2001.
The only survivor who still supports this Tag is Inktomi.
Reason for dropping the support of the tag is the enormous risk of spamming. All who worked on or with Websites in the late 90′s have heard of the trick to use keywords completely unrelated to the content of the Website, but being searched every second billions of times, just to allegedly increase SE rankings.
If you are interested you can read the full article here.


Indian Street Food in Asheville

template_01A most excellent addition to Asheville, especially for vegetarian folk interested in variety. Chai Pani opened, we found out about it from Travis  - thanks Travis and we’ve eaten there at least 5 times in the last week.

AWESOME, Authentic, Reasonably priced and unlike street food in India – totally safe.

Enjoy: http://www.chaipani.net/


Your business card is CRAP!

I don’t have a business card at this time, but if I did, this guy wouldn’t like it…

view "Your Business Card is CRAP! "


From iPhone on iPhone

Will mobile devices replace computers?


Taking the pain out of IE6

As Bill posted here, IE6 will enter its 3013th day of existence on Nov. 26 2009…  that is older than dirt in the web world. If you are like me, not only have you spent many hours learning how to beat it, but having to fire up Internet Explorer (or Exploder as we refer to it at integritive) to check your project will make you cringe.

Two tools that are staples in my library help take the pain out of coding for IE6 or any of the “Exploders” for that matter.

  1. IE-7.js… found here. IE7 is a JavaScript library to make IE6 act like it knows what its doing. Not only does it take care of transparent PNGs for you (simply add “-trans” to the end of the name of your png), but it also takes care the min-height issue and many others. I swear it has almost removed my need to use IE only style sheets and at the very least reduced them to only a few lines.  One kicker on the transparent PNG fix is that it does not support repeating backgrounds, for that you’ll have to use this:

    #mydiv {

    You’ll notice an IE8 js on the link above as well. It takes care of both IE6 and IE7, so if you use it, no need to use IE7.js also.

  2. Reset.css… found here, is part of the YUI project.  It does this:

    “The foundational YUI Reset CSS file removes and neutralizes the inconsistent default styling of HTML elements, creating a level playing field across A-grade browsers and providing a sound foundation upon which you can explicitly declare your intentions.”

    It literally sets everything to ZERO.  Some may argue that this is overkill, since it even takes the strong out of the <strong> tag, but you are free to comment out any properties that you don’t want to define yourself.  The benefit of using reset.css is two fold in that it will help not only with IE, but help keep your project looking consistent across all browsers.

Hats off to the folks at http://developer.yahoo.com/ and  http://code.google.com/ who are involved in both these projects!

How do you take the pain out of IE6?  Feel free to share.  Its how we all move the Internet(s) forward!