7 Creativity Lessons I Learned from Tar Heel Basketball

This was originally posted here – April 10th, 2009 by Christine Kane. April reminded me of it this afternoon and I thought it would be good to share.

1 – Systems and Habits. Not Feelings and Reactions.

In his book Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made, David Halberstam devotes two whole chapters to Dean Smith’s Carolina basketball program. He describes the team’s daily practice as stunning. First, because of how quiet it was. And he goes on to say, “The next thing was how brilliantly and carefully organized it was, with a schedule posted each day that outlined how each minute of practice would be used.”

In other words, no one is waiting to decide whether or not they “feel like it.” The system is in place before the practice begins. There’s a schedule.

Creativity thrives in systems and habits. The creative-types I coach are always amazed at their productivity levels when we create a schedule for their weekly practices and writing sessions. They no longer spend their time reacting to their days with emotion and drama. Now they have a system. Dean Smith would be proud.

2 – Get a Coach.

Here’s where athletes get it right. They get coaches. From the start, they have coaches and mentors. Lots of them. No athlete in his right mind doesn’t have a coach.
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Unhappy Hipsters

Unhappy Hipsters from Dwell magazine

more at unhappyhipsters.com


integritive @ Dream Guitars

Kick off meeting at Dream Guitars quickly turns into integritive jam session. Not much web design or development work got done that day, but a lot of music was produced. Thanks Paul for hosting the fun.


Author on twitter: @integritiveJM


Today Apple announced the iPad :: and I have a thought

Ok folks,

I was very excited when I heard that an iPad® is coming out, actually I was under the impression that it is a Computer type of deal, but my first impression is:

Dang; it looks like an overgrown iPod Touch®. Sure it runs iWork and maybe some other nifty apps, but it is still not really a computer. Right now, I could not see a reason why I would want this device.
The iPad can use either a 3G or WiFi connection, which would mean that someone (AT&T or someone else) will find a reason to jack up the Data rates again, just as they did with the appearance of the iPhone.
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Mental Toughness by Dave Pietramala

Coach Dave PietramalaWhat defines mental toughness?

Coach Dave Pietramala of the John’s Hopkins Univeristy Men’s Lacrosse team shares his insight in a recent interview:

“Any endeavor is more mental than physical even in the sport of lacrosse.”

“You must be mentally alert and have the ability to adjust and adapt to changing circumstances”

“Complacency is the enemy.”

“Focus on the things it takes to be champions, not the championship.”

“Believe you will win.”

“Attention to detail is key.”

“Embrace the pressure.”

….now get your ground ball.