StarWars re-cut in 15 second increments

Star Wars Uncut – Scene 453 from Gregory Nemec on Vimeo.

Clever idea, see all that’s finished here:


Digest of Blogs/Mentions of TED 2010

Below is a beginning list of interesting thoughts on the experiences of TED2010.

Add to this list in the comments section. Enjoy!

- TED blog post by Krupali

BBC film in which TED attendees were invited to say what the world needs now in 18 SECONDS

CNN story on 10 TED speakers “you’ve never heard of”

Wrap-up from AFP (published in numerous newspapers around the world).

- Arianna Huffington’s front-page post

- Blogger Robert Scoble on “the elephants in the room at TED

- Alex Steffen of Worldchanging.com on “the most important energy speech of the year

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TEDActive 2010 :: recount

As I settled into my seat on Flight 303 from Denver to Charlotte, the second of a three legged journey home, I reflected on the events of the past 4+ days at TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA.4350914314_7b935c5b00

Nothing can prepare one for the energy, passion, and curiosity of multiplied amplitude when that many great thinkers come together to listen to the world class speakers sharing the 18 minute talk of their life on their idea worth sharing. Most of us left very open and in a state of sorting out the events of the almost mythical experience.

Best way to describe it is imagine opening your mouth and a fire-hydrant is turned on full blast, only the mouth is your mind and water are poignant ideas delivered by both attendees and speakers alike.
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100 Pushups

hundred pushups

At integritive, it’s not uncommon for a spontaneous pushup contest to occur. I’ve maxed out at 25… but look out Andrew, Tom and Liz, I’m going for 100! Read more about it here:


or here:


and there’s even an iphone app:


Who at integritive is gonna beat me to 100? First one who does gets a Mama Citas’ Fish Taco lunch on me. Mama Citas’ Fish Tacos: Asheville’s number 1 fitness incentive.


Read this book.

“When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”


New Orleans victory in the Super Bowl got me thinking about that great city and one of the greatest reads of all time. Confederacy of Dunces. Read it with a warm beignet and a hot coffee or a cart-load of hotdogs.

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