Did you see the drummer’s hair?


The Transitional Absolutes (via Brian Smith)

1. Everything is exactly the way it is.
2. Everything is true.
3. It doesn’t matter anyway.


Not your Father’s SUV

I’m actually considering a Kia. Way I look at it, if an automobile manufacturer has this much fun, they deserve our support.


Go0llllll! Gooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

South Africa Soccer WCup US Algeria

U.S.A, way to go! That’s the way to win the group!
Algeria… nice hair!


Greenish Brown or Brownish Green?

Sample color names
The web comic XKCD recently ran a survey of its users where they were given a random RGB color and asked to name it. There were over 5 million responses and they’ve compiled the data with some interesting results. There were 954 ‘common’ names which are surprisingly accurate in their descriptions. This data could be useful for designers given a generic name like ‘reddish orange’ you can find an actual corresponding hex value to match it based on an average of screen types and visual perception. There is some interesting analysis here and if you’d like to take the test for fun (results are no longer collected) it’s still available here.