Marketing to the Minority: When Cultural Vestiges Suddenly Gain New Life

Hello, Ms. Muscle Car. Hi there, Mr. Vinyl Enthusiast. And let’s not forget you, Mrs. Photo Album “Of-The-Old-School-Polaroid” Variety.

It seems many of us, in one way or another, are currently obsessed with cultural vestiges—or, more plainly, those things we cherish and hold onto, despite the fact technology has clearly surpassed them in any number of ways. In fact, before we go further, let’s agree a “vestige” is defined as a trace of something that is disappearing (Thanks for that definition, Dictionary.com. I remember as a student having to lug around your more traditional five lb. brother, Webster’s Unabridged.)

Technology is moving so mind-numbingly fast these days that vestiges of a simpler time are popping up more and more frequently—and they often have such a high degree of sentimentality attached to them, they manage to quietly thrive. That sentimentality is often bound to fierce loyalty, and when that loyalty itself is connected to disposable income, you have a significant business opportunity your company may be missing out on.

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Mullet Your Friend!

It’s finally here – the long awaited Mullet Your Friend iPhone/iPad and iPod touch application by integritive!

We built this app just for fun – and fun it is! It features several different Mullet hairstyles, as well as a number of super-cool backdrops to choose from. You can take a picture right in the app (for iPhone users), or import an existing photo from your library. And the best part is you can post to Facebook or send the picture in an e-mail right away. We’re having  a blast mulleting everyone we know, and we hope you will do the same!

Check out MulletYourFriend.com or go to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mullet-your-friend/id377451494?mt=8 to see screen shots and a full description and then download through the iTunes store.

Play around with it a bit and let us know what you think!

Mullet your friendRock on!


When ideas have sex

This is a brilliant case for optimism, cooperation and evolution of the human species.

Love this talk from TEDGlobal 2010:


Bad Email Habits and Annoyances

Via Lifehacker – here is a list of some common ‘email annoyances’ complete with some funny reader commentary.

“Sent from my iPhone” may as well say “I don’t know how to change my settings, or am too pretentious to try”

Much love to all iPhone users :)