Dogs at work

Mushy at work

Hardly Working

Even if they don’t do much work, seems like dogs in the workplace is a good idea! From the Economist:

Manager’s best friend – dogs improve office productivity

THERE are plenty of studies which show that dogs act as social catalysts, helping their owners forge intimate, long-term relationships with other people. But does that apply in the workplace? Christopher Honts and his colleagues at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant were surprised to find that there was not much research on this question, and decided to put that right. They wondered in particular if the mere presence of a canine in the office might make people collaborate more effectively. And, as they told a meeting of the International Society for Human Ethology in Madison, Wisconsin, on August 2nd, they found that it could.

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School is not “cool”


Without execution, ideas bound to wither on vine

Which is more valuable — the idea or the execution?

This question, posted recently to a popular LinkedIn group, sparked more comments than any other thread posted to the group to date. As I ponder my own answer, I’d have to go with the execution. The main reason I land on that side of the debate is that ideas are easy, abundant and on everyone’s mind; only rare individuals or teams can successfully carry out the painstaking work of bringing those ideas first to life and then to fruition.

We’ve all had the experience of hatching what we believe is a million-dollar idea, only to see someone else has put it into action, thereby “stealing” the fame and fortune we felt we were due. “Hey, that was my idea,” we say, but really was it yours if it didn’t get legs and move? Execution is where the rubber meets the road.
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