HTML5, Google Chrome & Arcade Fire… awwww yeah

The Wilderness Downtown - Arcade Fire, Chrome, and HTML5

The Wilderness Downtown - Arcade Fire, Chrome, and HTML5

What can HTML5 do? Well, a lot. Check out the Chrome Experiments, namely this interactive video site from Arcade Fire: http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/

And a bunch more here:

Best viewed in Google Chrome, and not viewable in IE6 (or 7 or 8).


My TEDx Asheville Talk :: Happiness in Business

After now having experienced my first TED like speaking experience, I have a whole new level of respect, admiration and appreciation for the preparation, fine tuning and intimidation one travels through to deliver a 18 minutes talk in front of an audience that expects your idea to be profound. I’ll never watch another TED talk online without honoring this journey that all the speakers had to pass through. What a powerful experience.


Google Simplifies Event Scheduling in Calendar (OMG! It’s almost as good as MS Outlook!)

Google just launched a revamped version of Google Calendar’s event page with a focus on simplicity and coordinating multiple schedules. It’s sparser and simpler than the previous iteration. More importantly though, it adds several new features for easier scheduling.

First, the repeating events interface has been overhauled. Instead of taking up a full block of space, the repeating event editor appears when you check the “Repeat…” checkbox at the top of the page. This will bring up a new repeat event editor where you can specify the parameters of the repeating event.

The other new addition is the “find a time” feature, which appears as a new tab on the event page. Here’s how Google explains the new feature: “When your friends or coworkers give you permission to see their calendars, you can click this tab to see a preview of their schedules and hover over their events to see what conflicts they might have.”

Check it out.

(Thanks to mashable.com for the details)