Early Adopters…and I mean “Early!”

Archaeologists know that humans have always been social. Here is the earliest social network ever discovered!


Setting the Record Straight on Pit Bulls – a post by Mushy


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Strive not to Drive

As a regular bus rider, I always encourage anyone who will listen to consider other ways of getting to work than driving alone in their gasoline powered vehicle. Carpooling, biking and walking all help decrease the use of this limited fossil fuel, and help decrease our carbon footprint. We are fortunate in Asheville to have a public transportation system, that’s only getting better and to encourage use of public transit and other alternative modes of transportation the transit department is hosting their annual Strive Not To Drive week. See below for more info, and then check out the website for more information on how you can participate or Sign the Pledge.

Announcing Strive Not to Drive 2011 – StriveNotToDrive.com

May 16th-20th

Strive Not to Drive began twenty one years ago as Bike to Work Day with the goal of encouraging bicycle commuting in Buncombe County.  Over the years as concerns about air quality, physical inactivity and related health concerns, and traffic congestion have grown; the event has broadened to encourage any form of transportation other than driving alone in your car.  We hope you will join us in this year’s event as we increase awareness about how transportation choices affect our health, air quality and quality of life in Buncombe County.


Research on the decline in phone book usage – from Yelp

I just read about some of the findings from a survey done by Yelp regarding the usage of phone books (remember those big yellow things?) It’s interesting to see some statistics that confirm what I’ve personally thought and observed – most people are looking for businesses online – not in the phone book.

Here’s the original message:

“Most Business Owners Agree: Yellow Books are Irrelevant

Last week, we presented a survey to gauge how business owners feel about yellow page phone books in the digital age. Only 24% of our 3,500+ respondents said “Yes” to the question, “Are yellow page phone books still relevant?”

That’s quite a find. Here are some others:

1) Most business owners don’t think yellow page phone books are useful to them:

“Yellow page phone books are useful to me as a business owner.”
Agree – 11%
Somewhat Agree – 17%
Somewhat Disagree – 19%
Disagree – 52%

2) Only about 10% of business owners use yellow page phone books more than once per month; 3 out of 4 don’t use it at all:

How many times per month do you rely on a yellow page phone book to find a local business?
“Zero” – 75%
“Once” – 14%
“Between two and four times” – 8%
“Five or more times” – 3%

3) Very few business owners believe customers find them using a yellow page phone book.

Estimated percentage of customers who find me using a yellow page phone book.
“0%” – 43%
“1-25%” – 47%
“26-50%” – 5%
“51-75%” – 3%
“76-99%” – 1%
“100%” – 0.1%

The conclusion: Business owners have clearly observed the shrinking relevance of yellow page phone books. As we continue to move away from printed phone books, online and mobile directories will continue to grow as the customer’s choice for local business information.”