New Site Launch – Mind Your Business, Inc.

Mind Your Business wanted to showcase their exceptional customer service through a new site that would improve the client experience; meaning help each visitor find information on the site quickly and the resources they need even faster.  The site now has an easy-to-navigate page structure, integration with industry-specific applications, and SEO-oriented pages.  Beyond the mechanics of the site, it is beautifully updated with a slide show, mobile-friendly navigation, and a seamless blog.  They focused on clean content that spoke to their clients and visuals that represented the wide-array of customer backgrounds.

And with the ribbon-cutting of their new site, they head to D.C. to meet the president and celebrate their much deserved 2011 NC Small Business Person of the Year award.  Here’s to a solid foundation, future growth and a little facelift!



Congratulations to the 2011 Strive Not to Drive Workplace Challenge winners!

Congratulations to the 2011 Strive Not to Drive Workplace Challenge winners!

Western North Carolina Alliance (under 10 employees category)
Liberty Bikes (11 – 30 employees category)
REI (31 – 50 employees category)
Evergreen Community Charter School (51+ employees category)
Buncombe County (Passport Program category – http://www.ashevillenc.gov/residents/transportation/city_bus/default.aspx?id=1028)

The winners were chosen based on the number of total surveys received and the total number of days commuted from each of the participating workplaces.

Big thanks to the following workplaces for participating in this year’s Workplace Challenge:
Dogwood Alliance
Friends of the Smokies
Mosaic Realty
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Motion Maker Bicycle Shop
Chamber of Commerce
Land of Sky Regional Council
FLS Energy
Deltec Homes
Cooper Ris
YWCA Asheville
ERA Sunburst Realty
Grove Park Inn

The Workplace Challenge award will be given out in July.

Strive Not to Drive began twenty one years ago as Bike to Work Day with the goal of encouraging bicycle commuting in Buncombe County.  Over the years as concerns about air quality, physical inactivity and related health concerns, and traffic congestion have grown; the event has broadened to encourage any form of transportation other than driving alone in your car.   We hope you will join us in next year’s event as we increase awareness about how transportation choices affect our health, air quality and quality of life in Buncombe County.

Check out http://strivenottodrive.com/ for more info.


A Business Mission of Happiness | Axiom News

Thanks to Axiom News for taking the time to interview our very own John Miles about workplace democracy here at Integritive. Our company was recently included in the WorldBlu list of most democractic workpaces for 2011 and we are thrilled to share our culture with others, in the hopes that the list of companies on the WorldBlu list will continue to grow and grow.


A Business Mission of Happiness

Web company Integritive seeks to blur lines between work/life balance

What happens when a web development and branding company make its mission “to love and have fun?”

According to Integritive founder and CEO John Miles, great things. He’s been running his Asheville, North Carolina company under the banner of happiness at work and the company has grown steadily since its inception in 2001.

Miles says bliss in business is the way of the future to break free from the outdated model of work/life balance. That’s because true happiness isn’t leisure time, but rather when a person becomes deeply engaged in something they love and are good at doing.


Read the rest of the article here: A Business Mission of Happiness | Axiom News.


Google Plus One Button Won’t Validate Strict XHTML

I’ve got a site that validates in XHTML Strict. However, adding Google’s new Plus 1 button caused the validation to fail. To fix this, I was able to document.write the escaped code and it passes validation.


<g:plusone size="small"></g:plusone>



Full code in document.write:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
// ]]></script>

Here’s a great resource to quickly encode HTML:


IE8 note… currently this is working in IE9, but the button isn’t showing up in IE8. If anyone knows why, please let us know in the comments!


Some WordPress insights

Alright, here it is the WordPress bug bit me – again.

Still in the apprentice phase, even though I putzed around with wordpress v 1.x and dabbled with WordPress 2, I am more than excited now with WordPress 3. So much has been improved, but yet so much also became a memory hog. Not so much from the frontend side, but the Admin side can become rather bloated with many nice features, but yet unnecessary.
Point and case: the plugin autoupdates, theme auto updates, and WP Autoupdates and alerts.

Every time we load the Admin Interface WordPress connects to all plugin sites, verifies and checks for updates, the same for themes and core files. A standard blog / cms with only a few plugins this is a unnoticeable process. The more ‘tricked’ out the blog becomes the more “backend heavy” it gets. – Pun intended.

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