Integritive Celebrates our 10th Year in Business

We were happy to host our friends and clients at our 10th Birthday party and open house last week. A great group of folks showed up and helped us celebrate this important milestone, and a good time was had by all! Thanks again to everyone who made these 10 years possible, and here’s looking forward to the next 10! Read the rest of this entry »


MO.com Interview with John Miles

“Much like companies that hang their hats on this thing or that thing, we wanted to be explicit so that we were attracting the folks that we wanted to play with and repelling the folks that wouldn’t be a good fit for us.”

Check out John Miles’ video interview with MO.com, where they feature small business owners and entrepreneurs to bring you, hints, tips, insights, and perspectives on what it takes to be successful.



Leading in Complex Times

After reading Ten Principles to Live by in Fiercely Complex Times by Tony Schwartz in the Harvard Business Review, I felt compelled to not only share his principles, but to share my own take-away for business owners leading in these “fiercely complex” times. The principles immediately struck me as being highly relevant to anyone’s journey in leadership today.

1. Always challenge certainty, especially your own.
2. Excellence is an unrelenting struggle, but it’s also the surest route to enduring satisfaction.
3. Emotions are contagious, so it pays to know what you’re feeling.
4. When in doubt, ask yourself, “How would I behave here at my best?”
5. If you do what you love, the money may or may not follow, but you’ll love what you do.
6. You need less than you think you do.
7. Accept yourself exactly as you are but never stop trying to learn and grow.
8. Meaning isn’t something you discover, it’s something you create, one step at a time.
9. You can’t change what you don’t notice and not noticing won’t make it go away.
10. When in doubt, take responsibility.
List Credit: Tony Schwartz, Harvard Business Review Blog, July 12, 2011.

Always challenge certainty, especially your own.
While at first glance, these principles may appear like basic life lessons, upon further reflection it becomes clear that they are relevant to what many of us in business face on a daily basis. How best to inspire, innovate, achieve excellence and my favorite, how best to achieve personal happiness at work? Leaders routinely ask these questions and are charged to answer them by those whom they lead. The true litmus test for growth is when the leader challenges the answers they themselves discerned.

If you do what you love, the money may or may not follow, but you’ll love what you do.
As an innerpreneur, I live my talk on a daily basis. I want to do work that I love and know will further not just my personal development, but those around me as well. I know. It sounds very “new age”, but as we’ve discussed before, it’s more than that. It’s conscious capitalism and in these “fiercely complex” times, it can be a vital step towards accomplishing larger goals.

Meaning isn’t something you discover, it’s something you create, one step at a time.
Perhaps the most important take –away from this list of principles is that leadership doesn’t just happen. It must be cultivated and nurtured in a way that keeps the leader or business owner fresh, engaged, reflecting and always looking not just inward but outward at the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Working on your business, rather than in it, is a first step to getting closer to these principles. Scan the horizon and chart a course for the future, all while maintaining the vitality and energy needed to keep yourself and your staff going today. These “fiercely complex” times demand it of us.

Article originally published in the Asheville Citizen-Times business section August 21, 2011.


New Site Launch! ARC of Buncombe County

The ARC of Buncombe is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in the Asheville area.  They came to integritive to build a site that was easy for their sponsors and clients to find needed resources.

We started by organizing the site’s content in a clear way, then integrated PayPal for easy online donations, and added an eNewsletter with a sign-up button to tie-into the site.  Plus, everything is on a straightforward CMS so the folks at the ARC can edit their information for each new fundraising event they host!