Social Media’s Reach

#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it”- Erik Qualman


What Not to Do With Social Media

A recent survey on Mashable.com found that 50% of consumers trust a company’s Facebook page more than their website. This means that in today’s world it’s nearly impossible for a brand to exist without one, which can be a good thing – Facebook allows companies to interact directly with their consumers, offer deals or promotions, and craft their overall brand image. However, it isn’t all fun and games on these social sites. Whether you’re posting on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to follow a few guidelines:

Don’t Ignore Negative Comments.

If you get a positive review on your page, let them know that you’re happy to have been of service. Promote those good reviews to the high heavens, you earned them! But, don’t neglect those that aren’t so happy. If a customer leaves a comment about a negative experience, respond with just as much enthusiasm. Apologize, suggest a solution or ask for their input on how to make things better. This is the reaction of a company that cares about its customers, and that kind of attention and concern will be noticed by anyone that visits your page.

Don’t Beg for “Likes”

Remember that guy in high school who wouldn’t leave you alone, and no matter how many times you said “NO” just wouldn’t take the hint? Well, he didn’t get more attractive by begging you to go on a date, and companies don’t seem cooler when they beg people to like their posts. If your posts are interesting and resonate with your fans, they’ll “like” them on their own.  And if they don’t, use that silence as a learning tool to figure out what needs to change, instead of an excuse to start sounding desperate.

Don’t Use Every World Event for Your Advantage.

2011-02-03-kennethcole2When tragic events happen in the world, many brands struggle with how to comment on them. When in doubt – don’t. Above all else, DO NOT use a tragedy to sell your products. The only possible outcome is to seem like a greedy capitalist with money instead of a heart. Just ask Kenneth Cole, who came under fire for this insensitive tweet during the protests in Cairo: “Millions are in an uproar in #Cairo. Rumor has it they heard our new spring collection is now available online.”

Look, if you can’t find something meaningful to say, post about other content or allow your page to go silent for a day.

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Finding Your Voice In Social Media With A Brand Ambassador


Twitter and Facebook were once dismissed as frivolous wastes of time, but are now critical tools in a company’s marketing campaign. Individuals can use their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to speak directly to a company, or to voice their opinion on an experience with that company. As important as social media sites have become, companies often take a passive approach by merely setting up a Facebook or Twitter account, and assuming that the good feedback will just start rolling in. While accepting that having a social media presence is important, companies continue to believe that spending time on them is a waste of time. Instead of passivity, what these companies really need is a “Brand Ambassador.” Read the rest of this entry »


Being First in Social Media Doesn’t Make You Right

sms_iconsIf we learned anything about journalism following the Boston Bombing coverage, it’s that it is no longer a spectator sport. Through the use of Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites, everyone these days is eager to be the first with breaking news. While CNN and Fox News were struggling to stay ahead of the manhunt coverage in Boston, most people turned to Twitter to get minute-by-minute updates from citizens on the ground.

Some people may have seen this as a positive. After all, since a private citizen doesn’t have to go through a rigorous fact-checking process, information can be transferred more freely and updates are more immediate. Especially in a crisis, the free movement of information can be useful, even groundbreaking. Just look at the Arab Spring or Trayvon Martin case – neither of these would have reached the large audience they did without social media. In fact, if left to traditional journalism outlets, we may never have heard of them at all. Read the rest of this entry »


Social Media and Your Local News

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