Some WordPress insights

Alright, here it is the WordPress bug bit me – again.

Still in the apprentice phase, even though I putzed around with wordpress v 1.x and dabbled with WordPress 2, I am more than excited now with WordPress 3. So much has been improved, but yet so much also became a memory hog. Not so much from the frontend side, but the Admin side can become rather bloated with many nice features, but yet unnecessary.
Point and case: the plugin autoupdates, theme auto updates, and WP Autoupdates and alerts.

Every time we load the Admin Interface WordPress connects to all plugin sites, verifies and checks for updates, the same for themes and core files. A standard blog / cms with only a few plugins this is a unnoticeable process. The more ‘tricked’ out the blog becomes the more “backend heavy” it gets. – Pun intended.

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