Great Success for new Swannanoa Gathering online registration

We are pleased to report on a great success with a new online registration process we recently built for the Swannanoa Gathering. One of our greatest delights is working through a complicated process and ending with a simple, straightforward result. Thanks to the client, and to our internal team who made the new online registration possible!

Below, the project manager on the client side shares her thanks:

New Preregistration Page is Amaaahhhhhhhhzing!

I just wanted to share with you my experience with working with Courtney for this pre-registration and registration page for The Swannanoa Gathering.  He has gone above and beyond to take our very complex system and turn what has been a confusing pre-registration process for our students into a simple, clear form.  My phone has not rung once since pre-registration opened on Friday and usually I spend hours walking people through how to fill out the form.  Not one call!
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TEDxAsheville Tickets Now On Sale

The time has come to purchase your tickets for TEDxAsheville 2011!
Tickets are available through the Diana Wortham Theatre box office and at TEDxAsheville.com.  A limited number of tickets will also be available at the TEDxAsheville Salons, held Thursdays at Posana Café.

TEDxAsheville expands to a half-day conference event this year, moves to the Diana Wortham, and will have approximately 500 tickets available.
See TEDxAsheville.com for more details and connect with us on Facebook as TEDxAsheville, on Twitter at @TEDxAsheville, or by email at kelly@tedxavl.com. See you at the Wortham on Sunday, November 13!
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AOL considers itself spam!

It was my unfortunate predicament to have to set up an AOL account for testing. After having to reset my password, it seems AOL’s welcome email and confirmation emails ended up in my AOL spam folder. Gotta love a company that can’t even tell correctly whether it itself is a spammer!


Integritive Celebrates our 10th Year in Business

We were happy to host our friends and clients at our 10th Birthday party and open house last week. A great group of folks showed up and helped us celebrate this important milestone, and a good time was had by all! Thanks again to everyone who made these 10 years possible, and here’s looking forward to the next 10! Read the rest of this entry »


MO.com Interview with John Miles

“Much like companies that hang their hats on this thing or that thing, we wanted to be explicit so that we were attracting the folks that we wanted to play with and repelling the folks that wouldn’t be a good fit for us.”

Check out John Miles’ video interview with MO.com, where they feature small business owners and entrepreneurs to bring you, hints, tips, insights, and perspectives on what it takes to be successful.