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Going IMAP

For several years now I’ve used GMail along with Thunderbird (if you are a Thunderbird user and haven’t tried Thunderbird 3 and its tabbed email, then give it a spin.  Its pretty sweet) as an email client and POP3 to access, read, and send email.  Its been a nice solution for me and I’ve had little to no trouble.  With the recent acquisition of an iPhone however, I had been itching to switch everything over from POP3 to IMAP.  Afterall, accessing your email with POP3 on multiple computers/devices leaves you open to not only losing emails, but its a tremendous waste of time to have to sort thru emails on your desktop, then sort thru the same ones on your laptop, iPhone or whatever. Read the rest of this entry »


Me and My USA Today

As is my custom, I bought a copy of USA Today at the Charlotte Airport on my way to NYC today. I waited to savor it on the plane as I wasn’t in the mood to delve into my latest “how to be a great marketer” book.

After leaning my seat back to an incredibly comfortable position, I read my paper.
(BTW, I now know everything about the Health Care Reform Bill signed by President Obama. Just ask me how it will change your life, I’ll tell you.)

As we were nearing NYC, the nice flight attendant came to pick up my trash. She leaned over and asked to take my obviously ‘read’ paper. I asked her if it would be recycled. She said flatly, “NO.” (I capitalized her response because it appeared she gets asked that a lot and she is tired of the question.)

So, I took the paper with me off the plane to find a proper receptacle at LaGuardia Airport. To my amazement, as I traveled down the US Airways concourse and out of the airport none were to be found!
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10 signs you have an Underperforming Website

Websites now come custom or template, elegant or complex, modern or classic, but the bottom-line with any web presence is:

Does it perform in the market place?

Here is a list of signs your website may be underperforming:

10. You haven’t gotten any leads or sales from your site in months.
Your site may have slipped down the search engine ranking list due to old content, a new competitor or lack of conversions.businesswoman - presenting clipboard

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