Finding Your Voice In Social Media With A Brand Ambassador


Twitter and Facebook were once dismissed as frivolous wastes of time, but are now critical tools in a company’s marketing campaign. Individuals can use their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to speak directly to a company, or to voice their opinion on an experience with that company. As important as social media sites have become, companies often take a passive approach by merely setting up a Facebook or Twitter account, and assuming that the good feedback will just start rolling in. While accepting that having a social media presence is important, companies continue to believe that spending time on them is a waste of time. Instead of passivity, what these companies really need is a “Brand Ambassador.” Read the rest of this entry »


Being First in Social Media Doesn’t Make You Right

sms_iconsIf we learned anything about journalism following the Boston Bombing coverage, it’s that it is no longer a spectator sport. Through the use of Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites, everyone these days is eager to be the first with breaking news. While CNN and Fox News were struggling to stay ahead of the manhunt coverage in Boston, most people turned to Twitter to get minute-by-minute updates from citizens on the ground.

Some people may have seen this as a positive. After all, since a private citizen doesn’t have to go through a rigorous fact-checking process, information can be transferred more freely and updates are more immediate. Especially in a crisis, the free movement of information can be useful, even groundbreaking. Just look at the Arab Spring or Trayvon Martin case – neither of these would have reached the large audience they did without social media. In fact, if left to traditional journalism outlets, we may never have heard of them at all. Read the rest of this entry »


Tim Leberecht: 3 ways to (usefully) lose control of your brand

In this Ted Talk, Tim Leberecht states that “Companies are losing control.”  He goes on to say that, “At the end of the day, as hyperconnectivity and transparency expose companies’ behavior in broad daylight, staying true to their true selves is the only sustainable value proposition.”  This is a tenet that I keep at the forefront of my business. It is my belief that by strategically building my business around democracy in the workplace, and a pursuit for honest, intelligent design that I could create an environment for creative and technical geniuses to work, play and grow together. In doing so, our team is able to serve clients in a world-class manner in the field of design, consulting and website development and social media.  At Integritive, we constantly strive to be better ourselves and our interactions with our clients and to serve them with respect and integrity.




Integritive Receives Sky High Growth Award From Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

John Miles of Integritive accepting 2013 Sky High Growth Award








Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce awarded Integritive with its prestigious Sky High Growth Award for 2013. The Awards program and reception were held Thursday, April 11th at the Crowne Plaza Tennis and Golf Resort in Asheville.  Awards are given based on business growth, gross revenue and number of employees.

“It’s always a thrill to be recognized for successful business practices,” said John Miles founder and Chief of What’s Next.  “In truth, we focus on slow, intentional growth at Integritive. We believe in creating an environment that brings out the best in our employees and our client thus creating exceptional and intelligent web design.” John’s secret to successful business growth lie in offering more services than you charge for and delivering more than is expected.  He believes in hiring great people who are given the space to thrive and acquiring businesses with precision in order to encourage growth in a slow growth market.

Award recognition is not new to Miles and his team at Integritive.  In 2012 they earned a spot for the second year in a row on the 2012 WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces, alongside notable groups like Zappos.com, WD-40, New Belgium Brewery, and the Great Harvest Bread Company, integritive and CEO John Miles were recognized by the Asheville, NC Chamber of Commerce as an Entrepreneur of the Month, an Asheville 40 under Forty Honoree for 2012, and most recently, 2012 Small Business Leader of the Year (16 and over category).  John Miles founded his web design and eMarketing firm 11 years ago. “I started Integritive to create a job for myself where I would be happy, and hoped that one day the business would grow enough to where more people would be happy as well,” said Miles.


Thomas Suarez: Writing a iPhone App

Thomas Suarez, a then sixth grader, joins Ted Talk to share his experience of creating apps for the iPhone. With the support of his family and friends, Thomas has started a app club at his school.  You can find his company at CarrotCorp.com or download his app, Bustin Jieber.   He is eager to share his knowledge with others, including his teachers.  Keep up the creativity Thomas!