Design in the Grid

gridWeb Design takes many forms, but there is something that our collective minds like about the aesthetic of a well organized grid pattern.

It provides simplicity, implied hierarchy and generally makes order from apparent chaos.

I recently discovered this nifty grid resource that you fellow designers may enjoy. www.thegridsystem.org



I’ve been thinking about hierarchical data for a few months. In my free time I’ve done sketches and gone over ideas and done research with the goal of creating a method of storing hierarchical data in a database elegantly. I’d actually pretty much given up until a few days ago Bill was talking about a database that he inherited and as he (critically) described the structure I realized that I was using basically the same method that he was describing and I didn’t really like the way it worked.

So I started thinking on it again and I came up with something that might work. I call it Pierarchy.

I whipped up a powerpoint on it and gave the presentation on the 10th at our developers meeting. The sound is de-synched so the slides lag a bit but you’ll get the point.

Here’s the slideshow itself: Pierarchy

Here are the links I mention in the presentation:

A very good description of the problems of using hierarchical data in relational databases and the nested sets method:


A neat PDF of the scientific names of all living things (not sure where it came from):



Vanilla, The Forgotten Flavor

Welcome all to my first blog entry at Integritive. A rare tidbit of information about me, I love Vanilla Ice Cream. Vanilla is the base flavor for all ice cream created, whether it be chocolate, rocky road, banana pudding, or butter pecan. Without appreciating the base, how can we appreciate the variety?
The vanilla ice cream of Internet Marketing, or the base, are keywords and content. Everyone wants more traffic and wonders “how can I increase my web traffic?” Respect the base. By adding content on a daily basis, websites show growth to search engine crawlers and spiders which means they will come back more often. With great content, Fans are created. Fans blog about your content, link to your content, embellish your content on Social Networks but mainly refer your content to others.
All popular sites on the internet have one common characteristic, ever changing content: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Wikipedia, Whitehouse.gov, CNN, even Google. All popular sites keep their popularity by offering viewers something new each day.
From the vanilla base, I will add more information about Internet Marketing in future blog post.
Thanks for reading.


Happy Holidays from the integritive family!

Wishing you and yours many blessings this holiday season and through the coming year.
From the integritive family.


Thoughtful Twitter Use Manifesto

A dear friend Zara shared a thought on her Twitter account questioning whether Twitter posts were noise or information. This sparked my thinking in terms of what brought me to sign up for a Twitter account only a few weeks ago.Twitter-Meditation-256

I steered clear of Twitter for years until another friend Ian and I had a deep conversation about if Twitter was useless (my opinion at the time) or useful (his strong opinion then and now). The paradigm shift happened for me when I stated that the endless babble on Twitter is useless and takes me out of a state of balanced mind. He challenged that Twitter then become a tool for developing equipoise of mind and a true master of mind needs to be balanced in all situations, Twitter included. He also said that a few people were engaging in consciousness shifting sharing and that the ultimate level of Twitter use is in sparking new ideas that lead to new ways of thinking. Not sharing about what one ate for breakfast or to go grab a beer after work.

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