Is workplace happiness possible?

Originally appeared in Asheville Citizen Times.








These days, leading-edge business philosophy focuses on employee happiness and workplace fun. This is evident in the many websites that hand out awards and evaluate whether a company has a fun corporate culture. When most people think about fun in the workplace, they usually think of West Coast tech companies with hip office spaces, Gen Y geniuses zooming around on scooters and slides instead of elevators.

While this may be a reality — even a successful one — for some companies, it is hard to translate that into practice for more traditional businesses. The problem is that we are focusing on the wrong details. It isn’t about the scooters, slides and modern architecture — although they are fun, too. It’s about developing employees who feel valued and free to bring their individuality and innovation into the workplace. Read the rest of this entry »


Don’t write off brick-and-mortar yet

Originally appeared in Asheville Citizen-Times.

There’s an undeniable trend moving away from the physical brick-and-mortar workplace and adopting fully virtual models. Proponents of the virtual agency typically cite operational expenses, the rising cost of real estate and a need to streamline and trim overhead as prime reasons for abandoning the traditional office. A sluggish economy certainly makes the case for trimming costs whenever possible.

However, in an age of virtual offices and telecommuting, there is still something to be said for working with an organization that maintains a physical and tangible presence within its local community.

Let’s not forget that organizations of all shapes and sizes are made up of people. Whether you’re a large corporate entity with a campus in the Research Triangle Park or a nimble startup here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the people within the walls are a large part of what makes up the culture beyond. Having an actual physical office here in Asheville has been instrumental to the success of our business, but also the expansive network that we create beyond the four walls. Put like-minded people into the same physical space and opportunities for collaboration and creative problem-solving sprout up almost immediately.

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Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World

Here is another Ted Conference video presentation for your viewing pleasure. Eddie Oberg discusses how our reality and the world as we think we know it, doesn’t really exist.  Someone changed the rules of how we live and run our businesses.  But, they didn’t tell anyone.  The pace of change is faster than the pace of learning leading to a smart failure.  Developing a concept no one has done is a driving force at Integritive.  Maybe that’s why we can enjoy his presentation.


The Happy Secret to Better Work

As I prepare for the upcoming TED Conference, I often review some of my favorite moments from years past. Happiness at Work is a topic near and dear to my heart. Exceeding what’s average in the world – and in business – is one of our great motivators here at Integritive. This video offers insight into the impact happiness, intentional happiness, can have in your life.

Cheers to a Happy Wednesday at work!

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work


The CEO Hour Featuring John Miles

Our own CEO, John Miles, was recently featured on WCEOHQ’s CEO Hour. He takes time to talk with host Diana Palotas and share insight into his approach to leadership. Below is an expert from the show’s website. Listen to the full radio show here.

John has forsaken the physical mountain for the spiritual quest. His aim is to be balanced in all aspects of life. He is living the life of the peaceful warrior, learning life skills and navigating the course to collective equipoise. His passions: family harmony at home and at work; and working with clients to solve business riddles. John continues to build integritive as a cohesive team of talented individuals, supporting an environment where everyone can express their creativity while playing well together, and where the sum is even stronger than its parts.